Leucoselect® overview


The pharmacological profile of Leucoselect® Phytosome® has been defined by extensive in vitro and in vivo experimental studies. For the in vitro studies it has been used in the unformulated form.

In vitro(15-21)

In vivo

Effect of Leucoselect® Phytosome® on mild experimental atherosclerosis in rabbits
Percentage coverage of aortic arch by fatty lesions in mild experimental atherosclerosis in rabbits

Cardiovascular protective activity(22)

Leucoselect® Phytosome®, administered for 3 weeks at 2.4% concentration in a standard diet, reduced ischemia/reperfusion induced damages in the heart of young and aged rats. The recovery of myocardial function, expressed by left ventricular developed pressure (LVDP), at the end of reperfusion was 93% and 74% of the preischemic values, respectively. The protective effect on heart contractility was also strictly associated with a preserved coronary blood flow, expressed by the reduction of coronary perfusion pressure (CPP) close to the preischemic value both in young and aged rats.



Effect of Leucoselect® Phytosome® on left ventricular developed pressure and on coronary perfusion pressure in aged rats